It’s no secret that rack kW is steadily increasing in the data center, nor is it any wonder why. Processing power is greater than ever and there’s only one direction for it to go: up. However, the massive, sustained computational power required by machine learning workloads is anything but business as usual. Most data center […]

Remember the scene in the latest Game of Thrones season where (spoiler alert) the undead dragon melts “The Wall,” releasing hordes of White Walkers? That’s kind of what downtime feels like to the modern enterprise—utterly disastrous. There’s no shortage of data center downtime horror stories—airlines leaving passengers stranded, e-commerce sites parting with millions of dollars worth of missed […]

Going Green Saving Green

With each passing year, more organizations seek out green service providers both for the sake of reducing overhead and as a reflection of corporate sustainability values. A recent Green House Data survey revealed that 36 percent of respondents chose what they perceived to be green service providers in 2017, an 8 percent increase over 2015. Data centers, though […]

How Adopting a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Can Enhance Enterprise IT Operations Have you ever tried to balance a cloud? That’s exactly what enterprises striving for digital transformation have realized that they need to do. Digital transformation is a trend that is sweeping the world as organizations seek to enhance their performance and better serve their […]

Advanced Colocation Solutions Bridge the Gap Between On-Premises and Hyperscale Data Center Environments Traditional data centers are destined for extinction like the dinosaurs they are. Our digital age, characterized by enterprise virtualization and cutting-edge trends such as IoT and Big Data analytics, has far outgrown the traditional data center’s characteristic patchwork of management tools for servers, storage, […]

Energy efficiency is the holy grail for data center owners and operators seeking low operational expense and minimal environmental impact. However, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, data centers in the U.S. alone are projected to consume 139 billion kilowatt-hours by 2020, placing potential strain on the environment as well as facilities’ bottom lines. […]

A small farming town on Washington state’s high prairie is buzzing with life: restaurants are busy, businesses are growing, infrastructure is modernizing, and ground was broken last month for a new high school. The regional airport will soon feature a daily flight to and from San Francisco. Welcome to Quincy Founded as a railway station […]

How Hydroelectric Power Provides The Best Of Both Worlds

If you’ve ever stood along the shore listening to the persistent crashing of waves during high tide or marveled at the beauty of nature at the foot of a cascading waterfall, you’ve experienced the raw power that is water in motion.

Among the most notable innovations in history, humans have been harnessing the power of water to perform work for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Greece. This form of energy, known as hydropower, has grown and evolved over the course of time, resulting in modern-day hydroelectric power plants that harness the energy of flowing water to create electricity.

Why California-Based Companies Are Moving Their Data Center Operations To Washington State

Silicon Valley. It’s a name that conjures up tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook residing side-by-side in a magical, if somewhat vacuum-sealed, locale. It’s also a region where hyper- scale businesses and innovative start-ups alike base their operations in the hope that its tech-friendly environment will help drive major success. Despite its allure among technology-driven industry sectors, many California-based enterprises are beginning to realize that perhaps there’s a better place than Silicon Valley to host their data.