Overcoming the NYC Data Center Problem

Located in the heart of NYC, SDC Manhattan is the perfect data center solution for the financial industry.

Sabey’s Manhattan Data Center: the Financial Industry’s Premier Data Center Opportunity in a Unique Market

by Dan Meltzer

You’re not alone if you’ve found New York City to be a significant data center challenge. Manhattan is the world’s most important business center, so having a secure, high-performing data center deployment is desirable for low latency and high performance. The problem is that New York has real estate valuations to match, making it difficult to find a data center solution that combines performance, security, affordability, and proximity for this critical market.

The Financial Sector’s Unique and Dangerous Risk Profile  

Risk mitigation is a key part of any data center strategy, which is particularly true for hedge funds and other financial institutions. There is likely no greater threat in any industry than a server being accessed by someone without proper authority, or otherwise overtaken by some other nefarious actor. As you have likely heard, there have been instances where actually “pulling the plug” is the only solution to protect against the occurrence of significant financial damage.

The impact of such an occurrence makes proximity very important in the reduction of risk. To have a data center just a few blocks away from a Manhattan financial institution or hedge fund is an important advantage. 

Issues of Proximity, Capacity and Quality 

For those willing to compromise on proximity, New Jersey is sometimes seen as a potential option. A significant drawback, however, is that accessing the physical infrastructure is inconvenient and time-consuming. Further, Northern New Jersey’s supply of quality data center inventory is very limited, a situation unlikely to change for several years. 

Sabey’s Investment in Your Need for World-Class Infrastructure 


Over the past decade Sabey has upgraded our Manhattan data center substantially, a major investment that offers a meaningful critical environment option to any company in need of infrastructure services. The company has made a significant investment in ConEd’s high tension service, greatly enhancing the power availability to our highly-available data center. 

Energy Efficiency’s Financial Impact 

Sabey’s Manhattan data center is very efficient -With low PUE and other favorable power metrics, our Manhattan location is competitive with data centers in New Jersey. 

Compliant Manhattan Data Center Inventory Available Now 

With advantages such as low latency, proximity, quality, power access, reliability and energy efficiency, Sabey is proud to deliver financial-industry-compliant data center inventory in the nation’s most challenging market.  

Seeing is Believing 

The pipe dream of a multi-megawatt data center in Manhattan has been made reality by Sabey Data Centers. The opportunity for rapid data center deployments is currently available, and we’re eager to discuss your specific data center needs and arrange a tour. 

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