SaaS Companies Can Benefit From Colo Data Centers

In today’s digital-first world, SaaS companies need a reliable data center partner.

For software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, all business is done in real-time. SaaS customers expect their products and services to be available around the clock, year-round, without fail. Colocation data centers support such demanding business requirements by providing necessary, critical infrastructure. Data center operators can offer the high levels of uptime and scalable resources SaaS companies need to ensure an excellent customer experience.

SaaS companies are the children of the cloud. Most SaaS providers grew up in the cloud, and not within a physical, proprietary data center. Nonetheless, a powerful argument can be made that pure or hybrid colocation not only can offer the same advantages of cloud-based operations, but it can also provide the same convenience – via private cloud, express cloud on-ramps, and other new IT features – while saving operational costs and offering more control. In today’s digital-first world, SaaS companies need a reliable data center partner. Here’s why:

The freedom to focus on your business’s core competencies

Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing the right data center for SaaS deployments is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the infrastructure is in expert hands. That’s why in addition to secure, reliable facilities, colocation data centers offer “remote hands” technicians who can provide immediate attention to your equipment. These professionals are prepared to offer their services even under extreme circumstances.

For example, in today’s pandemic environment, Sabey’s infectious disease business continuity plan includes having technicians shelter in place at the data center if necessary.

Internet security

Internet security has often been a stumbling block for SaaS companies who have been considering a hybrid colocation option. To meet that challenge, Sabey now offers Azure ExpressRoute, a cloud connectivity solution for customers with their own presence inside Sabey’s Quincy, WA data center – SDC Quincy. ExpressRoute provides direct, highly secure access to the Microsoft cloud without having to route through the public internet.

This is a game changer because colocation customers can now take advantage of the low-cost renewable power available at SDC Quincy without sacrificing any flexibility as they build their hybrid IT strategy.

In terms of hybrid cloud computing environments, Azure ExpressRoute connections offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical internet connections and provide the customer greater control of their network.

Reduced energy costs

Colocation facilities are often found in strategic locations with access to affordable and reliable electricity, an important consideration when you are considering the need for backup to support a business continuity plan.

For example, Sabey’s SDC Quincy facility in central Washington State has access to clean, renewable hydroelectric power, priced among the lowest in the industrialized world.

Improved business continuity

SaaS companies depend on reliable service to keep their customers satisfied. Providing rock-solid data center infrastructure for proprietary software will ensure that SaaS enterprises attract and retain loyal customers.

Sabey’s award-winning operations team helps ensure our customers’ servers and networking equipment are always up and running. Numerous tests are completed weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to ensure all systems are 100% ready for any emergency contingency.

And, as mentioned, Sabey offers remote hands services to all customers to ensure business continuity.

With a colocation facility, SaaS providers benefit from physical security. Only authorized persons have access to customers’ hardware.

Scale with confidence

A growing SaaS business needs more capacity. Although the cloud is easier to scale than any physical data center, colocation data centers are also relatively easier to scale than in-house facilities. Not to mention that scaling in the cloud can get very expensive, very fast. It’s a question of finding the right colocation partner. Whether the need is a single server cabinet or an entire powered-shell facility, trusted data center partnerships can help SaaS companies scale sustainably.

Strategic geographic locations

Given that SaaS companies are overwhelmingly cloud-based operations, geographic risk is mitigated by definition. Having your business and data center in the same geographic location is not always the best option. If a natural disaster strikes, your operations could be wiped out completely. By creating distance between your operations, you limit the impact an act of nature can have your business continuity. Even in good times, having multiple sites across the country can benefit your customers by providing low latency to key markets, further supporting the user experience.

Colocation data centers offer SaaS companies the infrastructure and resources they need to grow their businesses. To learn more, contact a data center expert at Sabey today.

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