SDC Austin Progress Q4 2023

Construction for SDC Austin is coming together, with the first building tracking for a March 2024 completion!

We are excited to share that we are nearing completion of our first building here at our new Round Rock campus.  We are offering 6 Megawatts of immediately available inventory this March followed shortly by another 9 Megawatt data hall with a quick delivery option.

A few recent milestones: 

  • 160MW onsite substation is ahead of schedule and will be completed by end of year 
  • Data Hall 1 is nearing completion and almost ready for service
  • Critical gear is being landed in the equipment yard 
  • Campus security measures are being completed (Guard booth / Perimeter Fencing / etc.)

Please find video of our current construction progress here:

Sabey Data Centers Wants Your Company to GrowYour data center infrastructure requirements are expanding. Would you like to check out our new 84MW SDC Austin campus?

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