Shopping Season is Upon Us. Can You Trust Your Data Center Provider?

With millions of people taking to the internet — either playing Santa, playing their road trip soundtrack, or playing games — that data all funnels through a data center. Is your data center prepared for the influx?

It’s that time of the year again. The U.S. consumer holiday get-together and annual shopping event! And while things are a bit more economically uncertain this year and will most likely get tougher to convince the consumer to spend in 2022, there are still opportunities to set your company up for success this holiday season.

2022 is more critical than most years in recent history. With ongoing supply chain obstacles, complex socio-economic issues, and overall looming consumer uncertainty, retailers are even more hard-pressed to compete for every hard-earned consumer dollar. Retailers have resorted to extending the 2022 holiday season into October as stores like Costco, Michael’s, and Target already display Christmas offerings to get a jump on the closing annual fiscal quarter. Amazon offered not one, but two Amazon Prime Days Shopping events in 2022. The most recent one occurring in mid-October.

According to Business Wire, consumer spending could see as much as a $30 billion dollar decline in the 2022 holiday shopping season — a 14% spending decrease from last year. Despite the sharp decline in predicted total revenue being spent, online shopping could see a record spending percentage increase over 2021. But the consumer story doesn’t end there. With big blockbuster movies planned for the holiday season, rendering farms, streaming services, and online gaming will still be in full force!

Is Your Data Center Up to the Task

With millions of people taking to the internet — either playing Santa, playing their road trip soundtrack, or playing games — that data all funnels through a data center.

Is your data center prepared for the influx? Do you have a reliable tech team or a dedicated remote hands team that’s up to the task of ensuring every byte, bank transfer, and bike gets delivered? Is your corporate plan prepared for inclement weather and other seasonal contingencies that occur as the leaves change colors and the first snowflakes appear? What plans does your data center have for sudden loss of power? Are there sufficient backups and protocols in place to ensure you are either uninterrupted or back online with minimal disruption?

Sabey Data Centers Will Lead the Way

A lot goes into deciding on a data center provider. Many months of planning and building and deployment, all in preparation for these two — now three — precious months to capture market share and meet those annual goals and year-over-year milestones. The slightest hiccup can make all the difference between a sizable annual bonus or a lump of coal in your corporate stocking.

Don’t get left behind on planning for next year! We know that data center inventory is in short supply. Don’t miss out! Sabey Data Centers has a little under 3MW available today, with our brand new Austin, Texas campus, providing an additional 6MW, coming online in December 2023! Contact us to find out more.

Your Trusted Colocation Data Center Provider

Sabey Data Centers has a trusted reliability record for over 10 years. With 5 ENERGY STAR certified buildings in our 6-campus portfolio, we partner with the world’s largest innovators to deliver award-winning uptime, reliability and customer service. We have set our sights high on being a responsible steward of sustainability that also makes sound economic sense. With campuses stretching from coast-to-coast — and an Austin, TX campus coming in Q4 2023 — we can deliver lightning speed data transfers you and your consumers require.

Sabey Corporation is a privately held real estate development and investment company specializing in mission critical and other technical space for the data center, technology, medical and life sciences, education, government, and military sectors. Over the past 50 years, we’ve designed, constructed, and operated more than 30 million square feet of space among our valued tenants — some of the world’s most iconic names.

Sabey Data Centers grew out of Sabey Corporation’s history as a designer, builder, and operator for leading innovators who were breaking new ground in industries of world-wide importance: Boeing Electronics’ clean rooms, ADP’s first data center, McCaw Cellular’s first cell phone switches, and Exodus Communications, provider of the world’s first internet colocation services.

Today, with more than two million square feet of mission critical data center space and another one and a half million under development, Sabey Data Centers continues to serve the world’s most exciting and exacting enterprises and institutions with customized data center solutions that are efficient, reliable, and quick to market. Speak to one of our Business Development Representatives today!

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