Energy Efficient Data Centers

Our Data Centers Sip Electricity to Lower Your Costs and Meet Your Sustainability Initiatives

Our Data Centers Efficiently Use Renewable Energy

Utilizing renewable energy is just part of the sustainability equation; how efficiently that energy is used makes a big difference. Our energy efficient data centers are designed to be sustainable down to their cores.

Our Energy Efficient Data Centers Utilize Intelligent Systems and Designs

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Are the Foundation of Our Strategy to Design, Build, and Operate Sustainable Data Centers

Power Usage

A data center’s energy efficiency is measured by its overall Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE). If 100% of the electricity to a facility went toward powering the IT infrastructure, the result would be a perfect PUE of 1.0. However, that ratio climbs as other electrical consumption is factored in, such as lighting and cooling.


Hot-aisle containment is one of the most energy efficient models that a data center deployment can utilize to cool its equipment. We pair this model with intelligent cooling systems, such as indirect evaporative cooling and environmental economizers, to further reduce overall energy consumption.

We have helped large, recognizable enterprises meet aggressive goals to lower their total cost of ownership. Slashing your own TCO is easier than you’d think:

Energy saving cooling methods employ intelligent systems to increase their energy efficiency.  Hot-aisle containment, indirect evaporative cooling, and environmental economizers reduce overall power consumption.

Best practices are implemented to drive continual improvement in reducing energy usage and tracking overall Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE).

Quantifiable Energy Efficiency

Sabey Has Been Officially Recognized for Our Energy Efficient Data Centers

“Sabey Data Centers has improved energy performance by 42% from a 2014 baseline, surpassing an original goal of 20% by 2024.”

2018 Better Buildings Challenge

The Energy Efficiency of Your Data Center Impacts Your Business at Multiple Levels

The cost of power is one of the most critical variables when measuring the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a data center, comprising at least 20% of total costs in an average data center configuration. Lock down that variable in a Sabey Data Center, designed and built to achieve the utmost in energy efficiency.