Data Center Security

Protect Your Assets and Business with Multi-Layer Security Measures

We Safeguard Your Critical Workloads

We use multiple physical, procedural, and technological safeguards to safely protect your IT systems and data.

Data Center Security Features

Physical Security

Security starts with building design and location.  Our data centers utilize additional protections such as fences, mantraps, and locked doors and server cages.

Security Protocols

Policies and procedures are implemented to ensure that security personnel and operations staff are available onsite 24×7×365 to handle both common and unusual contingencies.

Technological Safeguards

Biometric locks on outside doors, CCTV cameras throughout the campus, and secure access checkpoints are just a few of the ways we protect your data and equipment.

Keeping Your Data Safe Requires Security Controls, and System Checks Built Layer by Layer into Our Data Center Infrastructure

Our secure data centers use multi-tier access control measures. Well-documented methods and procedures also play a role in ensuring the security of our mission-critical facilities.

Security audits are performed regularly, ranging from daily security checkups and physical walkthroughs to quarterly PCI and SOC audits.