Build-to-Suit Data Centers

Design and Customize Your Data Center to Meet Specific Requirements Without All of the Costs

Avoid the Large Initial Capital Expenditure that Comes with Building and Owning a Data Center

We can design, build, and support a cost-efficient data center that fits your exact business requirements.

You Control the Design of Structural Elements, Interior Architecture, and Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure

Power, cooling, redundancy, security, and other elements can be implemented to specifications that meet your exact needs in a build-to-suit data center.  We assist with civil and structural planning and execution to make your vision come to life.

Once the facility is built, we prepare it for service to meet your occupancy schedule. Often, our customers are up and running faster than they might expect. A typical construction time from bare earth is just 7 – 8 months.

The Right Infrastructure For Your Application



We have the critical power you need to run your servers and networking equipment.  Redundant systems ensure peak uptime.



We ensure the optimal environment for our customers and their equipment through the use of energy efficient cooling systems.

Connectivity 1


Cloud on-ramps, connections to a variety of major carriers, and peering options provide the lowest latency for your deployment.

We Can Leverage Our Expertise, Purchasing Power, and Vendor Relationships to Decrease Overall Time to Market

We have established close working relationships with industry-leading consultants, engineering firms, and building subcontractors over the years.  These strong relationships provide accountability and clear channels of communication early in any build-to-suit data center project.

Together, these factors result in a seamless flow from the design and development stages, through construction, to the completion of your new build-to-suit data center.