Colocation Data Centers

The Flexibility, Scale, and Control Your Business Needs - Without the Overhead

Deploy Your Data Center in Our Secure Critical Colocation Environments

Mitigate your overhead costs by leasing space in a state-of-the art, fully-managed colocation facility.

Colocation Data Center

Your Days of Allocating Capital to Build, Maintain, and Update a Large Computing Facility Are Behind You

In a colocation environment, your organization retains control over the design of your data center configuration and the usage of your equipment, but daily management of the data center space and the overall facility is overseen by our operations team.

We employ the staff and maintain the equipment necessary to operate a critical environment for your servers. This allows your organization to focus exclusively on managing your operations and improving your products.

Benefits of Colocation Data Centers

Tax Incentives

Predictable Costs

The expenses associated with a colocation data center are easy to predict. You sign a contract for a fixed period of time, so you know exactly how to budget your IT needs. Leverage our power contracts to drastically reduce energy costs.

Connectivity 2

Connection Options

Access to a carrier neutral network allows you to connect to one provider or multiple providers. It also offers your business the ability to switch providers without physically moving your servers and other equipment to a different location.



When your business is growing, you can quickly have new servers or other equipment added to the data center. Conversely, if your equipment is in a small local data center or server room, it can be much more difficult to expand.

Connectivity 1


Your organization has the ability to cross connect with partner companies in our facilities. Cross-connects transmit data point-to-point between computing systems inside our facility; they are not susceptible to the latency of the public internet.

Turnkey Colocation

Cages in our turnkey colocation data centers are leased to customers who need the convenience and flexibility of open floor space. Our cages are built in modular sections and can be configured to almost any design to meet your growing demands. Cages can accommodate open racks, cabinets, free-standing and non-rack-mountable equipment.

Our turnkey colocation services are ideal for businesses which are seeking security, reliability, and connectivity without the overhead costs that come with maintaining a critical environment themselves.

Equipment cage in colocation data center
Colocation data center engineers

Wholesale Colocation

Wholesale colocation data center space can be leased by the suite or data hall. Suites and data halls are solid wall structures that restrict visibility and add additional access controls.

We can design and build custom suites or data halls for wholesale colocation customers requiring a higher level of security or larger amounts of floor space. Virtually any data center floor configuration preference can be accommodated.

Realize Maximum Up-time and Performance with Our Colocation Data Centers

All of our colocation facilities are designed in modules; each is supported by its own redundant mechanical systems. 

Modularity gives room to expand incrementally as your business’s growth requires. That growth is future-proofed; as you grow, you’ll find that each colocation data center campus is amply provisioned to meet your requirements for power, bandwidth, and cooling.