Powered Shell Data Centers

Build Your Custom Data Center with Connectivity, Power, and Security Already Provisioned

Save Time, Money, and Distraction from Your Core Mission by Leasing a Powered Shell Data Center

Companies that prefer to build out their own environments in powered shell data centers are leasing space in anticipation of future growth.

Powered Shell Data Centers are Move-In Ready; They Can Be Operating in Less Time, at a Reduced Cost

Our powered shell data centers are secure facilities with exterior construction completed with available power and network connectivity. The interior is left as raw space to be finished by the customer. 

Powered shell data centers can be delivered as an entire building dedicated to a single client or as a section in one of our colocation facilities.

Benefits of Powered Shell Data Centers

Less Time to Market

The permitting process through local municipalities can be one of the most time consuming and arbitrary aspects of a building project. This is especially true in a specialized building like a data center. Powered shell data centers come with all the approvals already in place.

Ready to Occupy

With a powered shell, the site has already been screened, researched, and developed. There is no question of connectivity, or power, or security. There’s no need for your company to do any expensive and time-consuming research into a suitable site for your data center.

Less Obligation

When your company or service offerings grow and your needs change, you do not have the responsibility of upgrading the facility and compliance. We handle upgrades and retrofits to ensure that our data center facilities can meet the demands of modern workloads.

Accelerate the Build-out of Your Data Center While Reducing Your Risk

Our powered shell data centers can be customized to best fit your business needs. This might include a unique cooling solution, super-sized areas for easy server access and maintenance, additional network connectivity, a rework of the electrical system for additional redundancy, or even enhanced security.

Regardless of the complexity, our approach is always based on your data center design and operating needs.