Data Centers for Government Agencies

Data Storage and Protection Balanced with the Need to Deliver Better Services to the Public

You Need a Data Center Facility That Will Provide Reliable, High Performance Service for Many Years

Our government clients reduce costs, mitigate security risks, and deliver improved services.

The Days of In-house Data Centers, Run by Local, State, and Federal Governments, are Coming to an End

Many government agencies are already migrating costly, resource-intensive in-house data center operations to professional, efficient data centers offsite.  Leasing data center space lowers costs, increases scalability, and frees up resources for more business-critical endeavors.

We help government agencies and contractors achieve cost savings, cybersecurity, environmental sustainability, and consolidation goals through a suite of data center services.

Meeting the Needs of Government Agencies



We’ve built in multiple layers of redundancy for our power, cooling, and network systems to ensure maximum up-time and deliverability. Back up systems include N+1 configurations, generators with 72 hour run time at peak load, and on-site fuel supply.

Secure Cloud


Our secure data centers use multi-tier access control measures including mantraps, keycards, security personnel, and video surveillance. Well-documented methods and procedures also play a role in ensuring the security of our mission-critical facilities.



We provide a flexible infrastructure that seamlessly supports technology upgrades. We conveniently address and adapt to growth and other changing business conditions, especially those that are unanticipated, without major disruptions.