Data Centers for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Reduce Costs, Improve Security, and Speed up Your Workflows Across the Care Continuum

Supporting the Operation and Growth of Healthcare Organizations

We understand the unique data demands of the healthcare and life sciences sectors, including the need to protect sensitive information and other stringent compliance requirements.

Our Data Centers Help Healthcare Companies Deliver Superior Value and Improve Patient Outcomes

Data center colocation lowers costs through economies of scale, provides scalability and growth, enhances the resilience of IT infrastructure, and shifts non-core competencies to third parties.

Our secure, reliable data centers provide the foundational building blocks which enable these efficiencies for the healthcare industry.

Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry

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Right Fit Infrastructure

Healthcare companies must select their data center provider based on the services they offer, the unique markets they serve, and how they can best balance infrastructure needs with budget availability.

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Government Mandated Compliance

HIPAA/HITECH security standards, along with a plethora of others, heavily underscore the need for a data center provider who fully understands regulatory requirements and exceeds them.

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Robust Network Connectivity

As healthcare systems continue to embrace fully documented electronic medical records, it becomes imperative to connect networks of medical offices and hospitals with patient information in real time.

Patient Data Currently Accounts for About 30% of the World’s Data Storage Requirements

A typical hospital now generates approximately 60GB of data per bed per year between electronic medical records, imaging, and other highly diverse patient data sources.

It has never been more essential for a health care organization to choose the right data center provider.

Life Sciences Companies Require the Ability to Run Complex Computations and Interpret Rich Data Sets

Research organizations have been digitizing voluminous files into searchable documents and aggregating big data pools.

Our carrier-neutral data centers enable successful businesses to build a reliable, low-latency network they can count on.

We Provide the Right Data Center Environment for Healthcare Organizations

Our extensive experience serving hospitals, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other healthcare organizations is key to helping healthcare and life sciences companies maximize their data center performance.

Enjoy peace of mind of knowing that your data center infrastructure is solid and that we’ll be there to help 24/7.