Data Centers for SaaS Companies

Ideal Infrastructure for Software as a Service and Cloud Deployments

Your Data Center Impacts Customer Churn

The availability, performance, and security that your customers demand are at the mercy of your data center environment. Providing a rock-solid foundation for your software will ensure that you retain your loyal customers and acquire new ones.

Solve Your Resource, Performance, Security, and Availability Challenges to Better Position Your SaaS Product in the Market

SaaS companies need to build a scalable network that can meet the requirements of their existing customers and can grow to accommodate future demand. This can only be accomplished by choosing a data center partner that offers peak uptime and high bandwidth access to leading cloud providers.

As a data center partner, we play a critical role in the safety, performance, and reliability of SaaS and other cloud applications. We provide a mission-critical hosting environment for servers while offering easy, rapid access to the cloud.

Meeting the Needs of SaaS Providers

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Take advantage of the expansive power of cloud computing through interconnectivity.


Retain the control, security, and visibility you need over your mission-critical applications.


Scale with the growth of your business, in order to meet increasing user demands.
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Colocation of owned hardware provides greater control over the architecture of the networks of servers that underlie all SaaS applications.

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SaaS application companies that choose colocation control which hardware they deploy, where it’s deployed, and how it’s directly managed.



Public clouds are more secure than they once were, but the security they offer pales in comparison to owned hardware colocated in a world-class data center.

Eliminate the Burden of Managing and Maintaining Data Center Infrastructure for Your SaaS Application.

Our data center facilities have the systems and operations staff that are necessary to meet the uptime and performance requirements for your SaaS application.

Get the power, cooling, and connectivity that you need without the cost and effort of owning and maintaining a mission-critical environment.