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Discover Data Center Solutions for Your Unique Business Challenges

Our data center specialists can answer any questions that you may have regarding:

  • Robust connectivity options – including carriers, cloud on-ramps, cross-connects, and software defined networks.
  • Compliance with industry security standards for protecting your data and equipment.
  • Systems and designs that lower your total cost of ownership and meet sustainability initiatives through energy efficiency.

Understanding Data Centers by the Numbers

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for a data center encompasses the sum total of your operational and capital expenses. When considering TCO for your data center, you need to account for factors such as energy costs and efficiency. Therefore, it’s no surprise that cost effective data centers optimize power consumption and cooling.

However, impacting TCO goes well beyond base energy costs alone. Costs related to reliability and uptime can be easily avoided by ensuring that your application is constantly supported and readily available. Leasing data center space in a Sabey colocation facility or powered shell can significantly lower your TCO. It allows you to leverage our existing infrastructure, pass through power rates, and our award winning operations team.

Our Secure, Reliable Data Centers Provide Connectivity and Redundancy to Ensure Continuous IT Operations.​

Our data center facilities are designed to offer our customers more than just ping, power, and pipe.  They provide clients with peace of mind from knowing that their data is well protected and consistently available.

Seeing is believing.  Schedule a visit to one of our data center facilities to witness firsthand how our data centers support many of the world’s foremost enterprises in the healthcare and life sciences, government, media and entertainment, software, and financial sectors.

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