New Data Center Options to meet Your Business Goals

Sustainability and Low Cost Power

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the foundation of our strategy to design, build, and operate sustainable data centers. We can help your organization reach aggressive goals to lower your total cost of ownership while meeting eco-friendly initiatives.

Go Green While Cutting expenses

Renewable energy is a huge part of the data center sustainability equation

Sabey has committed to key sustainability initiative programs to ensure good stewardship for both our customers and the environment.


Sustainability is a key component to our business strategy. We are focused on building and maintaining sustainable data center facilities that are energy efficient and utilize low cost power. Our data centers use renewable energy to help lower their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact.


Hydropower with the lowest rates on the east coast

Low-cost hydropower, ideal climate, diverse connectivity, and a talented workforce create a long-term opportunity for efficient data center operations.

Solar Electric

Solar Power with a 10 year fixed cost per kwh

Abundant solar energy, low transmission costs, business-friendly tax exemptions, and connectity provide an ideal framework for your data center.




Our turnkey colocation services are ideal for businesses which are seeking security, reliability, and connectivity without the overhead costs that come with maintaining a critical environment themselves.

Powered Shell

Powered Shell

From an independent quadrant to an entire building, our powered shell options are fully provisioned with power, water, and fiber.


Our data center infrastructure supports the very latest in high-performance computing by providing abundant power, connectivity, and a carefully maintained physical environment.


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We’d love to discuss your sustainability initiatives and budgetary goals, and show how our upcoming data center projects can help you achieve them.  Connect with us to learn how our data center infrastructure can help you meet your objectives.

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