Without Pressure from Wall Street, Sabey Data Centers’ Focus is Squarely on Your Success

A Private Provider Reducing Your Risk

by John Sabey
CEO, Sabey Data Centers

When the dot-com bubble popped 20 years ago, my family’s construction company had the opportunity to buy a data center that we had built for a hosting company. Our belief that we could effectively operate that which we built was put to the test by rapid growth in the digital infrastructure sector over the last two decades, and Sabey Data Centers has emerged as one of the world’s largest and most successful privately-held data center companies. As we celebrate our company’s 50th anniversary in 2021, hundreds of enterprise companies trust our data center campuses in Washington state, New York City, and Ashburn, Virginia, with new campuses under development in Texas and New York.

Reducing Your Risk

Reducing our customers’ business risk is the core priority for our data center operations. Our methods include:
  • Reducing operational risk by utilizing an experienced operations team in our redundant data centers, with backup power supported by generators for maximum uptime.
  • Reducing environmental risk by being at the cutting edge of energy efficiency in our data centers and our long-term commitment to hydroelectric and other green power sources.
  • Reducing financial risk by offering competitive rates on space, connectivity, and power, locked in for the term of your contract, and obtaining more favorable total cost of ownership by using advanced energy efficiency strategies to reduce your power bills.
  • Reducing risk of obsolescence by building the most cutting-edge, forward thinking data centers.

Consistency is Paramount

We have studiously avoided additional risk by maintaining ownership of our own company. Many data center customers unknowingly assume the risk of signing a lease with one company that later morphs into a different type of organization during the term of their commitment. Our industry has observed numerous customer-harming situations arise due to actions taken by public companies and by those planning for an IPO. For that reason, we want to make this clear: there are no IPOs, sales of the company, or other “equity events” on our horizon. Sabey Data Centers commits to you that we will be the same company—with the same values—at the end of your lease that we are at the beginning.

Avoiding the Risk of Public Ownership

Sabey Data Centers is a profitable business that grows at a sustainable pace, supported by long-term customers and a highly tenured team of employees. We operate from a position of financial strength, and over $1 billion of recent investments have been facilitated by our A+ rating, an industry first secured by an audit whose rigor exceeded what most publicly traded companies are subject to. We see IT infrastructure as the most exciting asset class in the real estate sector and look forward to the next twenty years and beyond. Quite simply, we’re not going anywhere.

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