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Intergate.Ashburn Is The Best Data Center In Virginia

Our best-in-class data center, Intergate.Ashburn, is secure, reliable, and scalable.  We can help your business grow by providing the infrastructure you need to consistently maintain and deliver data for your IT systems and applications.  We provide the optimal environment for ensuring maximum up-time and connectivity, managed by our award-winning critical environment operations team.  We deliver the efficiency and performance you need, while reducing your total cost of ownership.


Our secure data centers use multi-tier access control measures including mantraps, keycards, security personnel, and video surveillance. Well-documented methods and procedures also play a role in ensuring the security of our mission-critical facilities.


We’ve built in multiple layers of redundancy for our power, cooling, and network systems to ensure maximum up-time and deliverability.  Back up systems include N+1 configurations, generators with 72 hour run time at peak load, and on-site fuel supply.


Our data centers provide a flexible infrastructure that seamlessly supports technology upgrades. We conveniently address and adapt to growth and other changing business conditions, especially those that are unanticipated, without major disruptions.

Data Center Options

Turnkey Colocation

Our turnkey / wholesale colocation facilities are made up of scalable modular spaces for each client. Each module is supported by its own redundant mechanical systems.

Powered Shell

Each powered shell resides inside a secure campus environment that is developed and ready for your data center project. Power, water, and fiber are fully provisioned to the building.

Built To Suit

Our design-build services can be leveraged to meet the specific needs of your organization. Architecture, planning, and construction are all seamlessly executed.


The top choice for your data center

Close proximity to population centers and fiber, moderate energy costs, and favorable tax policies make Ashburn an ideal home for your data center. Customers at Intergate.Ashburn also benefit from a developed transportation infrastructure, a mature and educated pool of talent to pull from, and an economic environment that’s friendly to business.  Couple those factors with one of the nation’s best critical environment operations teams, and you’d have to be nuts to choose a different data center provider.

Data Center Experts

Results Obsessed Professionals

Specialized Expertise

With 40+ years of experience and three million square feet of mission critical space, we are one of the most experienced and largest multi-tenant data center owner/operators in the USA.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Our data centers are designed to provide the power, connectivity, and environment needed to support enterprise scale applications.

Best-In-Class Support

Our team consists of highly trained industry professionals who work around the clock to ensure the security and reliability of our infrastructure.

Reliable Performance

Our world-class data centers have been consistently recognized for operational excellence and record of sustained uptime.

Meeting Demands Across Industries

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