Avatar Dimension Brings Holograms to Washington, D.C.

Avatar Dimension Officially Opens Doors as the Only Certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio on East Coast

Washington, DC (June 14, 2021) – What do the chart-topping artists, top defense leaders, influential museums and luxury fashion houses all have in common? They’re all turning to Avatar Dimension, the high-tech studio driving the creation of photorealistic human holograms placed into immersive environments to deliver stunningly realistic virtual experiences. Starting today, Avatar Dimension’s Mixed Reality, volumetric capture studio has opened its doors in the Washington D.C. area as the only certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio on the East Coast, and just one of seven in the world.

Take a Virtual Tour of Avatar Dimension’s New Washington D.C. Studio

Even in its pre-operational phase, Avatar Dimension clients already consist of enterprise, military and government agencies to marketers, games, fashion and entertainment. Projects ranged from the 2020 Air Force Global Futures Report, where a chief U.S. Air Force futurist was turned into a holographic presenter for the first-ever report in virtual reality; to the COCA (Center of Creative Arts, St. Louis MO) Virtual Web Tour, the first-ever online experience that marries 360° images with photo realistic holograms to bring viewers inside the newly renovated campus guided by 3D docents; to the Microsoft Ignite 2021 Keynote, where 3D holograms of world renowned marine biologists Edie Widder and Vincent Pieribone were captured as part of the Microsoft Mesh virtual presentation in AltSpace VR; to Balenciaga’s Afterworld The Age of Tomorrow, where hologram models were created for its 3D virtual catwalk experience; and an exclusive 3D NFT project, in conjunction with Emmersive Entertainment, featuring internationally renowned music artist Flo Rida.

Immersive 3D experiences are growing quickly as a far more effective way to train, entertain, and educate because virtual content can be shared globally, at scale with greater impact, and more quickly with far less expense. Examples include training doctors on surgeries from any location; celebrities making what looks like a live event appearance when actually it’s a hologram; simultaneous 21st century training for military and first responders from wherever they’re stationed; and walking the Smithsonian galleries from the comfort of your home.

“As we’ve seen through the pandemic, the internet immediately met the challenges presented by providing virtual tools for society to help replicate the real day-to-day life experience,” said David Sabey, Chairman of Sabey Corporation, a lead investor in Avatar Dimension. “We are extremely pleased to have our SDC Ashburn data center host Avatar Dimension and expand the limitless benefits of a new digital frontier.”

“Dimension is thrilled to partner with Dennis and the Avatar Studio team,” according to Simon Winchester, co-managing partner of London’s Dimension Studio. “Avatar Dimension brings together our world-class creative and technical talents to help organizations embrace valuable new opportunities in Mixed Reality and the Metaverse. Over the past 12-months, we’ve seen rapidly growing adoption of volumetric content so it’s an exciting time to launch our state-of-the-art studio on the East Coast.

“Content creators are increasingly engaging volumetric video as a new medium to bring viewers more immersive, connected human experiences” says Steve Sullivan, General Manager of Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios. “Our mission is to deliver high-quality, accessible, affordable human holograms to fuel the growth of Mixed Reality, and we’re thrilled that Avatar Dimension will be our studio partner in Washington D.C., bringing this technology to the East Coast.”


Purposely located in the Sabey Company’s SDC Ashburn complex near Washington, DC, Avatar Dimension is perfectly situated to work with the region’s many enterprises, government agencies, military centers, health care companies, and entertainment businesses, as well as customers globally. Key details include:

  • Avatar Dimension is a partnership of Avatar Studios, of St. Louis, Dimension Studio of the UK and Sabey Data Centers of Seattle.
  • 4,000 square foot studio includes a stage, green room, client area, and offices, with backup power, worldwide fiber connections, all in a highly secure facility.
  • Content captures use Microsoft’s best-in-class capture and rendering pipeline along with 70 12megapixel Volucam cameras from IO Industries for the best captures and most realistic fidelity. The cameras simultaneously capture the action and then video files are merged to create 3 dimensional holograms.
  • Located in Sabey Data Center’s Ashburn complex in Ashburn, VA., the data center capital of the world.
  • Stage operations are also mobile so that volumetric capture sessions can take place from nearly any location or event in the US.
  • During COVID-19, Avatar Dimension safely built and operated a temporary stage using remote tools with Microsoft’s Hololens 2. Safe captures will continue per local guidelines


Avatar Dimension is driving the future of immersive video by offering the most advanced volumetric capture stage and studio in the world. Its mission is to imagine and create stunningly realistic virtual experiences for enterprise customers and their creative agencies, with a focus on building enterprise applications for training, government programs, marketing and entertainment. Avatar Dimension is the only certified Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio on the East Coast, and consists of a collaboration between Avatar Studios of St. Louis, Dimension Studio of the UK and Sabey Data Centers of Seattle, with its premier studio based in Ashburn, VA. For more information, visit www.avatar-dimension.com.

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