B&H Photo, Video and Pro Audio to Move Online Operations to SDC Manhattan

SDC Manhattan to provide mission critical space to B&H Photo.

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News Summary:

  • Seattle-based Sabey Data Center Properties announced today that it has signed a long-term lease to provide mission critical space to B&H Photo Video & Pro Audio, the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States, at its premier NY data center SDC Manhattan.
  • BHPhoto.com – a “Global Top 60” Website – will improve, expand and future proof Itself at Sabey’s new Manhattan data center.
  • With its strategic market location, storm proof facilities, unparalleled infrastructure, and state-of-the-art physical security, Sabey will provide B&H Photo with unmatched opportunities to expand their operations.

 Full Story:

New York, December 3, 2013 – Seattle-based Sabey Data Center Properties announced today that its high rise data center in New York City, SDC Manhattan, has signed a long-term lease to provide mission critical space to B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio, the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States.

B&H will relocate, upgrade and expand its online store, BHPhotoVideo.com, from its present physical location, to space at SDC Manhattan, 375 Pearl Street.

Year after year, B&H Photo, Video &Pro Audio receives the top rating in Consumer Reports Magazine‘s customer surveys.

In addition, B&H will expand its overall web and computer capacity by at least 300%, connecting its new data processing facility at SDC Manhattan to its West Side superstore and its warehouse in Brooklyn via dark fiber.

B&H is a turn-key customer at SDC Manhattan.  Sabey Data Center Properties will provide B&H with a highly secure, mission critical environment.   Sabey assisted B&H in the build out.

Joseph Jacobowitz, Senior Manager, Telecommunications & Data Center Operations, B&H, said, “We were looking for a data center with a variety of attributes—a certain class of redundancy that other data centers didn’t have; being outside the flood plain; and the proximity to peering exchanges so that we could shave off a few seconds with customer orders.  Being customer-centric, we also looked at the thinking process of the B&H and Sabey team.  Sabey, like us, is very customer-focused.”

John Sabey, President, Sabey Data Center Properties, said, “We’re proud to welcome New York’s own B&H Photo & Video to SDC Manhattan.  B&H has always been at the forefront of the online retail revolution.  They were among the first retailers to make enormous capital investments in digital imaging and professional audio equipment, as well as web-based shopping and customer service.  We think B&H is a great fit for SDC Manhattan.”

Daniel Meltzer, Sabey Vice President of Sales and Leasing, said, “B&H conducted a very extensive review of data center sites and visited major data centers throughout the U.S. before choosing SDC Manhattan.  The fact that SDC Manhattan was untouched by Superstorm Sandy was a major factor in B&H’s decision to expand at 375 Pearl Street. “

Sabey, one of the largest privately-owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/operators in the United States, is now commencing mission-critical operations at the 1-million-square-foot tower.

The building offers many advantages that are not available elsewhere in Manhattan.  The purpose-built data center’s 35,000-square-foot floor plates are designed for tenant expansion and are augmented on three sides by large, basement-to-roof open shafts, or “bustles,” which are external to the building and which allow almost unlimited vertical transportation potential for fiber and MEP commodities without disturbing existing tenants.   High clear heights with easily-accessible, open, overhead cableways obviate the clutter and confusion of raised floor cabling.

All critical systems, including the new electrical service and associated systems, have been placed on the 2nd floor (33’-0” above grade level), or higher, in the building to assure the highest level of uptime.

In addition, the property’s on-site security and life safety measures include pre-action fire suppression systems, 24-hour data center monitoring and operations support, and on-site security officers, biometric, and other access controls. The building’s perimeter is patrolled by the New York Police Department and Homeland Security.

About Sabey Data Center Properties

With a portfolio of more than three million square feet of mission critical space, Sabey Data Center Properties is one of the oldest and largest privately owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/operators in the United States.  Sabey specializes in scalable, custom-built solutions including data center ready shell space and fully turnkey data centers managed by Sabey’s award-winning critical environment staff. Consistently recognized for its reputation for operational excellence through its world-class data centers and sustained uptime, Sabey boasts one of the most sterling tenant rosters in the industry.

About B&H

B&H opened its original storefront in 1973, and grew from a small photography shop in Manhattan’s Financial District to a major supplier of photo, video and audio equipment on 17th Street.  The new millennium’s explosion of affordable technology for professionals and consumers alike brought new lines of computers, home entertainment and consumer devices.  B&H expanded to a superstore on Ninth Avenue and West 34th Street and opened its cyber doors at www.bhphotovideo.com. The store is patronized by professional photographers and videographers, as well as hobbyists and amateurs and serves thousands of customers daily, while a greater amount of the company’s business comes from its Internet operation and corporate sales. The store carries a wide range of products across the electronics spectrum, with emphasis on professional and specialty photographic equipment.

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