CleanTechnica’s Assessment of Sabey’s DOE Energy Efficiency Recognition

CleanTechnica takes note of Sabey Data Centers in Better Buildings Challenge


Seattle, WA & Quincy, WA – Yesterday, CleanTechnica, the #1 clean tech-focused website in the US and the world, appraised the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s recognition of Sabey Data Centers for exceeding its energy efficiency goals as a part of the Better Buildings Challenge. The article specifically notes how quickly Sabey was able to exceed its goals, and the savings benefits that have already resulted.

The company took the standard pledge of improving energy performance at its SDC Quincy data center in Washington State by 20% over 10 years. It beat that goal by a wide margin. Just four years out from its 2014 baseline, the company achieved a 24% performance improvement.

So, how do you herd cats in a tenant-occupied building? Rather than yelling at everyone to turn off the lights before leaving their rooms, Sabey focused on infrastructure improvements. High efficiency cooling equipment was a big one, including “smart” energy storage that matches fan speed with server load.

Overall, the result was a 57% improvement in energy intensity and more than $200,000 in energy costs saved annually.

The article proceeds to outline some of the benefits Sabey’s commitment to increasing energy efficiency in its data centers. It notes that the benefits are not exclusive to Sabey, as Sabey’s tenants are also benefited through better deals, higher quality, and a more efficient data center footprint.

So, you may be wondering why Sabey — or any other commercial building owner/operator — should really care about all this, since the company could simply pass energy costs along to its tenants.

Good question! The obvious bottom-line answer is that Sabey is competing with other property owners to enlist tenants, and today’s commercial tenants are looking for high efficiency buildings.

Assuming the energy savings are passed on to tenants, Sabey can potentially offer a better deal. The company can also offer better quality. Here’s DOE with the explainer:

…the integration of energy conservation measures allows for a very simple data center environment control strategy, leading to an increase in the overall reliability and customer satisfaction with the Intergate Quincy data center. Sabey was recently recognized by DOE as an example of leadership in action in the 2018 Better Buildings Challenge Progress Report.

Aside from direct bottom line considerations, Sabey can also offer tenants a little something extra for their public relations. The 30 tenants in Sabey’s Quincy, WA data center get bragging rights to high tech green energy equipment, and they have the 2018 Progress Report to prove it.

For more information, read the whole article here.

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