Sabey Data Centers Hits Milestone at SDC Manhattan


Last Updated: March 19, 2014

Sabey Data Center Hits Milestone

By Rayna Katz | New York

SDC Manhattan

The 30,000-square-foot floor plates at Downtown’s Sabey Data Center are meant for tenant expansion.

NEW YORK CITY—Sabey Data Center Properties has announced that 10 information carriers and telecommunications providers have signed on to take space at SDC Manhattan—the company’s data center in lower Manhattan, for significant East Coast network expansions.

To date, the fiber optic network carriers who have signed licensing agreements with Sabey include Zayo, Sidera, Lightower, Verizon Level 3, Optical Communications Group, Time Warner Cable Business Class, United Fiber & Data, Lightpath, and XO. Together, they will offer SDC Manhattan’s tenants a full suite of facilities-based services including dark fiber, lit transport and IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection, Ethernet, SONET, wavelength, Internet access and more.

In addition, AMS-IX USA Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of AMS-IX, an Internet exchange operator, will deploy its new US distributed Internet exchange in Sabey’s facility at 375 Pearl St. The property feature 1.1 million square feet of space in its data center.

Reaching the 10-carrier mark is a milestone for Sabey, Sabey VP of sales and leasing Daniel Meltzer tells “We had an internal goal of 10 because that’s a number people would accept as critical mass. Now we have the ability for tenants to choose their carriers.”

The company also has “carrier hotels,” he notes, enabling even small or international providers to provide service at the building through Sabey’s own network “as if they’re next door.”

Adds John Sabey, president, Sabey Data Center Properties, “Sitting at a confluence of the world’s transatlantic cable and fiber routes, SDC Manhattan is a crucial presence as our Sabey Data Center network expands. Equally important, SDC Manhattan will be the next and best telecom carrier hotel on the East Coast, offering unprecedented opportunities for network carriers to expand their customer operations.”

Additional carriers, including European carriers, are in negotiations with Sabey and are expected to sign licensing agreements soon at SDC Manhattan.

The building reportedly offers many advantages that are not available elsewhere in Manhattan. The data center’s 30,000-square-foot floor plates are designed for tenant expansion.

SDC Manhattan is also located on high ground, and was untouched by Superstorm Sandy. All critical systems, including the new electrical service and associated systems, have been placed on the 2nd floor or higher.

Says Sabey, “As the few major existing data centers and carrier hotels in Manhattan are nearing capacity from space, power, and cooling perspectives, we view SDC Manhattan as an asset uniquely positioned to offer a world class computing environment for those users with on-island data center needs.”

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