Sabey Announces Support for the Future of Internet Power Global Sustainability Initiative

Sabey is now an official supporter of REBA's global commitment to power the internet with 100% renewable energy

Seattle, September 21, 2020 – Seattle-based Sabey Data Centers announced today that it has joined with the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and the Business for Social Responsibility™ organization’s Future of Internet Power (FoIP) global collaborative initiative to work toward the vision of an internet powered by carbon neutral, 100 percent renewable energy.

Robert Rockwood, President of Sabey Data Centers, said, “Today’s thriving technology sector provides boundless business and social benefits, yet data centers are energy intensive, representing two percent of all U.S. electricity use. Throughout our 25-year history, we have always given thought to the sources of electricity that power our data centers. Today, our support of FoIP underscores our commitment to a sustainability program that is carbon neutral. Two of our five campuses nationwide already use 100 percent renewable energy.

“In addition, we envision a future in which our data centers are ‘net positive,’ energy users, actually producing more electricity – all from renewable sources — than we can use. Once we achieve that goal, Sabey’s ‘data center campus of the future’ will be a net exporter of power to the grid,” Mr. Rockwood added.

As a supporter of FoIP, Sabey will take a leadership role in using carbon neutral sources at scale. The company is well-known for its commitment to work in partnership with its colocation data center customers, local utilities, and policymakers to develop the infrastructure and promote the regulations that will enable renewable energy procurement for internet power.

“We are thrilled that Sabey Data Centers has joined REBA’s Future of Internet Power (FoIP) initiative. Their commitment to power their facilities with renewable energy helps strengthen the FoIP coalition and sends a signal to the data center and broader technology industry that bold action is needed now to reduce the carbon emissions associated with data use,” said Mark Porter, REBA’s Director of Supply Chain and International Collaboration.

In 2012, Business for Social Responsibility launched FoIP, a collaborative initiative composed of some of the world’s most influential companies working to power the internet with 100 percent renewable energy. Today, FoIP members include Adobe, Akamai, Autodesk, Bank of America, eBay, Facebook, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Symantec, TimeWarner, VMware, and Workday.

According to BSR, “Powering sustainable data centers with renewable energy can require clearing a number of hurdles: navigating regional environmental policies and incentives, in some cases paying cost premiums for renewable versus coal power, and addressing challenging infrastructure requirements for offsite power generation. These and other factors make sourcing low-carbon power difficult for individual companies to manage alone. Through FoIP, companies collaborate with peers, suppliers, and power developers to build smarter approaches and identify opportunities for shared or joint investment.”

About REBA

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) is an alliance of large clean energy buyers, energy providers, and service providers that, together with NGO partners, are unlocking the marketplace for all nonresidential energy buyers to lead a rapid transition to a cleaner, prosperous, zero-carbon energy future.

About BSR

BSR is a global nonprofit organization that works with its network of more than 250 member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world. From its offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, BSR™ develops sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration.

About Sabey Data Centers

With a portfolio of more than three million square feet of mission critical space, Sabey Data Centers is one of the largest privately owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/operators in the United States. Sabey specializes in scalable, custom-built solutions including data center ready shell space and fully turnkey data centers managed by Sabey’s award-winning critical environment staff. Consistently recognized for low cost hydroelectric power, operational excellence through its world-class data centers and sustained uptime, Sabey is proud to provide data center services to many of the world’s top financial, technology and healthcare companies.

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