The Right Architecture, the Right Solution for the Financial World

Latency and Security

High frequency trading and other time sensitive applications require exceptionally low latency and high security. Sabey Data Centers’ scalable mission critical environments provide that. But the financial industry’s need for compliance with a stringent regulatory environment – including government audits, certifications, and regulations such as PCI Data Security Standard demands end to end control of your data 24/7. Sabey Data Centers’ model of robust scalability means that you never have to move any transactional or IT function outside of your primary Sabey data center.

An Always There Partner

When disaster strikes, as with Hurricane Sandy in Manhattan, the biggest and most immediate problems are due to the failure of communication between building owners, data center operators, and data center customers. Permissions, access, coordination – breakdowns on all fronts frustrate efforts to get systems back into operation quickly. At our data centers, you deal with only one entity – Sabey Data Centers. As the building owner and operator, we are on the premises at all times with an operations team that is deeply knowledgeable about the data center’s systems, having been fully involved in the building’s design and even its construction. We know our buildings inside and out. When performance is essential, your data center can be in no better hands.

Support for Regulatory Compliance

End-to-end control is a hallmark of our comprehensive service. As one of the nation’s largest private owner/developer/operators, we offer expert support and consultation from planning & baseline design through commissioning and into the day-to-day operation of your data center’s critical environment. We assure that physical and logical security concerns are addressed early and continuously.

Seamless High Speed Connectivity

Manage your telecom requirements flexibly, efficiently, and cost effectively with Sabey Data Centers’ broad array of carriers and services including dark fiber, cloud on-ramps, direct internet access (DIA), and access to next generation Software Defined Networks (SDN). We are continually adding to our roster of service providers.

Flexible Tiers for Greater Efficiency

Those requiring low latency and burstability to support high frequency trading, for example, can be segregated from more latency-tolerant functions, such as data storage or disaster recovery. Or perhaps you require an active-active site. Sabey Data Centers can meet all these demands across its geo-diverse data center network where significant differences in power costs can make a big impact to your bottom line.