Serious Data Centers for Serious Business

Scalable, custom-built solutions include data center ready powered shell and wholesale colocation/turnkey data centers managed by our award-winning critical environment operations team.

IGA’s First Phase completed and available for lease.
Total site up to 900,000SF | 70+MW of aggregate power.

Green Data Centers Save Money

How Hydroelectric Power Provides the Best of Both Worlds

If you’ve ever stood along the shore listening to the persistent crashing of waves during high tide or marveled at the beauty of nature at the foot of a cascading waterfall, you’ve experienced the raw power that is water in motion.

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Our Clients are Our Best Advertisement

“With Sabey Data Centers, we really felt that we had a partnership – it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did they “get” our business, they were so invested that they were a partner through the whole thing.”


“We saw the thinking process of the team, how they think about a data center, about redundancy, about customer centricity. It was very important for us to deal with a company with a customer centric focus.”


“It’s been a great relationship and really central to what we’re trying to do at the New York Genome Center.”

NY Genome Center

“The entire Sabey organization embraced our unique data center architecture and aggressive project schedule. We utilized a large variety of technologies, contract vehicles and vendors that normally are not found together on the same project. The team delivered on time, under budget and met our design objectives. This partnership approach provided an outcome that a traditional ‘arms-length’ relationship could not have duplicated.”

Black Rock

“Our customers expect us to be on the cutting edge of technology, and this expansion allows us to do just that. We want to take full advantage of the infrastructure at 375 Pearl Ave., We’re building a 24×7 Network Operations Center and extending our fully-meshed dark fiber backbone into the building, there’s nothing we can’t offer at this new facility.”


“Sabey provides a world class facility that I can depend on. Over the last two years we have consolidated our 34 data centers into active/active environments in the Sabey facilities, reclaiming valuable space and saving $50 million annually. They have been a valued partner contributing to our design and allowing us to manage our power costs while continuing to grow.”


Akamai has a sustainability goal to reduce the energy intensity of our network by 30% per year. Our global outsourced data center operations represent 40% of this energy consumption. So it’s important to us that our collocation partners are also striving to improve the efficiency of their operations. Sabey’s success is helping Akamai with our sustainability goals. We congratulate Sabey on its 100% Energy Star achievement and its focus on data center efficiency innovation.