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History & Values

20 Years of Innovation & Reliability

In the last twenty years in the data center industry, we’ve designed, constructed and operated more than 3.5 million square feet of space among our valued tenants—some of the world’s most iconic names.

Founder Dave Sabey started Sabey Corporation as a commercial real-estate and construction outfit, gaining prominence in Seattle and the PNW in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. From those roots, a thriving data center business would spring.

Inside of a building under construction with sparks coming form a ceiling section.

Our Roots 

Sabey Corporation 

Sabey Corporation was founded in 1972 as a commercial real estate developer under the leadership of founder Dave Sabey. From this grew Sabey Construction and a subsequent radical expansion of prominence across the Puget Sound area and the larger Pacific Northwest. When a tenant vacated their building during the collapse, Sabey Corp was left with a shell of a data center (now SDC Seattle, building 5) and an opportunity. 

The Tech Opportunity

Sabey Data Centers

When fate comes knocking, it’s wise to answer. Sabey’s leadership saw an opportunity to launch the company in an entirely new direction. In 2010 Sabey Corporation partnered with investor National Real Estate Advisors to create Sabey Data Centers. Since then, our portfolio has grown to six data center campuses, with more on the way.

Boldly Investing in Tomorrow

The Future of Sabey Data Centers

Demand for purpose-built and efficient data centers has never been higher. Sabey has several projects on the horizon, including greenfield projects perfect for an AI deployment. Moving forward, guided by our rich history and driven by our values and the will to change the world for the better, Sabey will continue to evolve. 

Inspiration is our mission. We’re committed to it throughout every service we provide, whether it’s design, construction, commission or operation of our properties.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing

We strive to make well-informed decisions that are consistent with our Core Purpose and Values 

Encourage individual initiative

We empower individuals by providing opportunity, responsibility and authority.

Pioneer with urgency, tenacity, passion and common sense

We continually explore and pursue new opportunities to provide practical solutions to complex problems.

Think outside the 9 dots

We bring innovative and unconventional approaches to solve challenges and create value.

Accelerating lifelong learning

We are continuous learners and also un-learners of that which is no longer valuable.

Long-term relationships

We build on the foundation of the Sabey family using the principles of reciprocity to help others and to create strong personal bonds.

Insightful stewardship

We value what those before us have built and are responsible, disciplined stewards of our resources.

Esprit de corps

We embody a team spirit of loyalty and fun.


Curious minds wanted

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