Sabey Supports: Robotics, STEM & a Global Competition

Sabey Data Centers is proud to have sponsored the 2023 Royal City Robotics club. The team of bright young people took their talent and intelligence all the way to the international championship.

As Sabey Data Centers’ presence steadily increases in Central Washington, we’re dedicated to doing our part for the community, especially when it comes to nurturing the development of young minds. To that end, we’re always excited to get involved with educational programs that foster excitement and curiosity in STEM disciplines.  

At Royal Middle School just outside of Quincy, students take part in a rapidly growing robotics program. The children compete regionally, locally and nationally, advancing based on scores in four separate categories: Robot Games, Robot Design, Innovation Projects and Core Values. Using technology, games and teamwork, these children are learning a scientific and mechanical foundation. 

The team of four girls and five boys (ages 12-14) won the Robot Game Finalist Award at regionals and the Champion Finalist Award at the state level. The team went on to win an Engineering Award at the national competition in Long Beach, CA!  

This year, Sabey Data Centers was a proud sponsor of this program, and fostering their success has been thrilling. 

In addition to the educational elements of the competition itself, this program also gives the children the venue to interact with other young people from other cultures. With 75 teams from all over the world competing at the international event, nearly half were from other countries. The diversity of competitors delivered exciting opportunities, such as an alliance between a team from Mexico thanks to Spanish speakers on the Royal Middle School team.  

Additionally, the Royal City team enjoyed the excitement of exploring a new place on their trip. For many on the team, it was their first time on a plane! While in Long Beach, they visited an aquarium and further tested their teamwork at an escape room.  

We applaud the Royal City Robotics team for their hard work and accomplishments. These young people have shown that they embody some of the core principles we hold dear at Sabey, especially a dedication to Accelerated Lifelong Learning and Espirit de Corps. We look forward to seeing what the team does next year and what these young people go on to do!  

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