Low-Cost, Reliable, Clean Hydro Power

The Intergate.Columbia campus sits on 30 acres of land in the heart of Washington State. Phase 1 is a 438,000 square foot purpose-built data center that accommodates both single and multi-tenant customers. The data center buildings share a dedicated power substation ensuring that the power supply remains uninterrupted. Phase I includes both Gold and Platinum LEED certified construction. Construction began in April of 2008 and was completed in December of that year. Plans are underway for Phase II immediately adjacent.


Phase 1

  • 100% Leased

Phase 2

  • 106 acres with access to 50+ MW of power and multiple tier I networks
  • Flexible site layout with plans for up to 3 buildings – perfect for custom builds!
  • Please contact us to inquire about any specific opportunity.


Intergate.Columbia is designed with the same robust infrastructure that characterizes all Sabey Data Centers, with ample electricity, fiber connectivity, and state of the art mechanical systems.

Energy Efficiency

Intergate.Columbia’s intelligent design optimizes the mild, dry climate by using both economizer and evaporative air handling techniques to deliver essentially “free cooling” for more than 90% of the year.

Building 2 is LEED Gold certified; tenant improvements constructed by Sabey received the LEED Platinum certification.


Sabey Data Centers provides complete flexibility with build to suit, powered shell, or wholesale colocaton/turnkey solutions. Accommodating both single and multi-tenant occupancies, Intergate.Columbia is an excellent example of the flexibility and value of working with Sabey Data Centers design and construction team.


At $.025/kWh, Intergate.Columbia’s power rate is among the lowest in the world. Clean, renewable hydropower is drawn from the nearby power grid, delivering electricity efficiently, with little line loss, through the on-site substation.


Intergate.Columbia is equipped with perimeter fencing. Roving security personnel maintain watch 24/7.

Critical Environment

Electrical and mechanical systems are redundant and concurrently maintainable. Sabey Data Centers staff maintains mission critical responsiveness with state of the art control and monitoring as well as physical security audits and assessments.

Other Features

Intergate.Columbia is designed with people and the environment in mind. Attractive private entrances offer an opportunity for branding and signage.

Many of the aesthetic features are also LEED compliant to complement the natural beauty surrounding the campus while enhancing sustainability. For example, sunshades provide natural lighting while maintaining energy efficiency.

Dedicated yards secure mechanical equipment in convenient proximity.

Loading docks provide easy access to secure storage.

Campus Certifications