Powered Shell

Flexible, Future-Proof, Customized Options

Developing property from the ground up can be an ordeal – particularly if it isn’t a core part of your business. If you desire to build your own data center, our 40 years of experience as a developer of critical environments eases the way. Each Sabey Data Center powered shell resides inside a secure campus environment that is developed and ready for your data center project. Power, water, and fiber are fully provisioned to the building. We will also consult with your team to achieve the desired result. And if you prefer, we can build it for you – on time and within budget. Learn more about how Sabey Data Centers can save you time, money and distraction from your core mission with our powered shell and core.

Site Selection
It is crucial to select a site that will meet access, stability and infrastructure criteria to provide the lowest cost, most reliable utility services. Climate can be an important consideration. For instance, our data centers in Central Washington can offer lower power costs through systems that use a dry, mild ambient climate to provide evaporative cooling. Geo-diversity may be important in your disaster recovery plan. And of course, your data center will require access to a population center for your employees as well as for the many contractors required to support the data center.

Developing property requires a series of permits, usually from multiple agencies and overlapping municipalities. Navigating the many requirements and deadlines of the various entitlement processes so that they align with your completion date can be a formidable prospect – even with a development background. Sabey Data Centers’ permit management expertise is derived from thousands of hours of managing these challenges.

Construction Team
Sabey Data Centers contracts with Sabey Construction, Inc (SCI) to produce all our data centers. SCI has been building data centers and other complex projects for many years. Because of our long experience in the industry and our many working relationships, we can scale quickly to manage the scope of any project. And SCI is fast – typically we go from ground to completed core and shell and ready for your move-in within 7 – 8 months.

Expert Advice
SCI works closely with our leasing, architectural, and operations teams to design our buildings. Collectively, these teams understand data center construction and operation from the inside out, resulting in an excellent product that will perform year after year.

Land development is a discipline unto itself with inherent risks that require considerable expertise to anticipate, understand, and overcome. Leasing a powered shell from Sabey Data Centers avoids many of the difficulties and costs associated with creating a project, allowing you and your team to focus on your data center and the functions essential to the success of your business.