Wholesale & Turnkey Colocation

Efficient Scalability and Reliable Mission Critical Performance

Sabey Data Centers’ wholesale colocation/turnkey modules are designed to provide scalability and efficient, reliable mission critical performance for mid-sized data centers. Virtually any data center floor configuration preference, on slab or raised floor, etc, can be accommodated; our design specialists and critical environment operations team will help create the data center you envision.

Flexible, Modular Design
Our wholesale colocation/turnkey facilities are designed in modules, each supported by its own redundant mechanical systems. Modularity gives room to expand incrementally as growth requires. And that growth is future-proofed – as you grow, you’ll find that the campus is amply provisioned to meet your requirements for power, bandwidth, and cooling.

Sabey Data Centers designs its campuses with ample aggregate power supplied over redundant pathways and typically with an on-site substation. Robust connectivity through multiple providers is reliable, cost–effective, and carrier neutral. Mechanical and electrical systems are redundant and concurrently maintainable. Back-up systems with 72 + hours of on-site fuel and additional supply contracts are in place for emergency or maintenance events.

Critical Environment Management
Sabey Data Centers campuses are managed by our critical environment operations team, hand-picked for technical mastery through an exhaustive interview process for rigorous management training. Each member of this highly disciplined team has the passion and drive for outstanding customer service and support.

State-of-the-art control, monitoring, and physical security audits and assessments are all in place at Sabey Data Centers. Each of our wholesale colocation facilities undergoes rigorous auditing under SSAE 16 (SOC1) Type II standards. Our Customer Service Portal makes communication with the operations team about day to day matters quick, convenient, and secure.

Variable Service Tiers
We know that all our customers’ requirements are not alike; requirements for uptime, availability, bandwidth, and power vary. We design to accommodate Tier 1 through Tier 3 specifications for any type of mission critical environment. Our goal is to provide data centers that operate at maximum efficiency to achieve your ends. There is no need to pay for design and services that are not essential to your business.

Some of our customers choose to locate a second data center in our Central Washington campus at Intergate.Quincy. Its exceptionally low hydro-power cost and geo-diversity make it an excellent solution for IT functions that may be appropriate for remote management, storage, or disaster recovery and business continuity.

Comprehensive Design/Build
Sabey Data Centers offers integrated expert design/build capability through its affiliate, Sabey Construction, Inc (SCI). Over its 40 year history, SCI has built more than 30 million square feet of commercial property – much of it for highly technical or mission critical projects in the military, aeronautic, healthcare and medical research industries as well as three million square feet of data center space.