Design & Construction

Built to Last

Sabey Data Centers’ approach is to provide as much or as little assistance as our customers desire in creating their data centers. We’ve built so many thousands of square feet of mission critical space in our 40 years that we are uniquely able to help you feel confident from the first day of design through construction and commissioning.

Sabey Construction provides in-house services beyond those usually available through general contractors. That includes the in-house support of Sabey Architecture, financial and legal services, as well as consulting/engineering firms with whom we have established close working relationships over the years.

Those relationships allow clear channels of communication and accountability early in any project. The result: a seamless flow from the development and design stages through construction and into the completion of your new premises.

Sabey Architecture acts as the customer’s General Contractor. As General Contractor, they help create the big picture – as well as manage the small details that make it all work – thereby saving our customer time, stress, and ensuring the best project for the money. The Architecture team works in a design build capacity both independently and with outside architects. The full array of design disciplines and engineers are managed through this group in constant communication with both the construction and leasing team to ensure the highest value, efficiency, and fidelity to your vision.

Speed to Market
SCI scales readily to meet construction challenges and particularly excels with complex, time-constrained projects while maintaining excellent quality. Our customers are up and running faster than they might expect. A typical construction time from bare earth is 7 – 8 months.

Sabey Construction has been recognized many times in the development community for its superior projects. Intergate.Columbia in Central Washington was awarded the Technology Development of the Year by the National Association of Industrial & Office Properties in 2009.

Environmental Stewardship
Sabey Data Centers and Sabey Construction work together to make the most of the natural environment of each of our data centers. In addition to energy-conscious design, we incorporate naturally sustaining landscapes, re-use of water discharged from the mechanical systems, reflective surfaces, sunshades, and use of sustainable products. Sabey Data Center projects include both Platinum and Gold LEED certifications.