Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare in the Digital Age

The digitization of data over the last decade has had enormous implications for health care and research. Between electronic medical records, imaging and other highly diverse patient data sources, a typical hospital now generates approximately 60GBs of data per bed per year and accounts for about 30% of the world’s storage requirements. Research has also been digitizing its voluminous files into searchable documents, aggregating big data pools that are enabling medical breakthroughs such as personalized medicine. Sabey Data Centers has a unique understanding of the data demands of the healthcare and life sciences sectors through several Sabey Corporation relationships and business ventures.

A Robust Platform Equal to the Challenge
The very fluidity and accessibility of data has stimulated fresh regulatory efforts as governments and medical institutions seek to protect sensitive patient information from security breaches. It has never been more essential for a health care organization to choose carefully among its data management options. As a data center provider to large health care systems, Sabey Data Centers understands the urgency of these requirements. We provide the peace of mind of knowing that the infrastructure platform is solid and that we’ll be there to help 24/7.

Support for Your Compliance Program
As compliance standards have become more exacting, they have placed particular pressure on IT decisions confronting health care organizations. HIPAA/HITECH security standards along with a plethora of others heavily underscore the need for an end to end solution in which you are in complete control of your data. With Sabey Data Centers, your data center builds on a solid mission critical infrastructure managed by a highly skilled and responsive operations team. From design through construction, commissioning, and into operations, the experienced Sabey Data Center teams will work with you to meet your requirements.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Sabey Data Centers geo-diverse locations and robust connectivity keep you connected.